I’ve been working on a story that I’m so proud of. Every story I write offers me some form of escape. Whether I do so in the story itself or in the characters, I like to get away. This new story was a pleasure to disappear inside of. It had so many places to hide and watch the characters spin angst and passion. I’m so excited to announce my next upcoming release: THE SOLIDITY OF US!  It’s a contemporary romance, teeming with the most intense and true love story I’ve written to date. Release date is March 5thth!

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Beauty that close mixed with such turmoil was a cocktail of enriched poison—I wanted to drink it anyway…

Things with Cade didn’t start that way. They weren’t that easy, and they weren’t that smooth, but I assure you, some of the best love stories didn’t start out with ease and without bumps. How can anything that’s solid be simple? Cade and I both needed a solid ground. We’d earned it. 

This is the story of how I, Bray Gideon, Los Angeles transplant, lost soul, ran away to her mother’s hometown of Well Water, Kentucky, and discovered how love could heal the wounds of the past and strengthen the hope of my future.

This is the story of Cade Montgomery, a man who’d ran for so long all it took was one night with the right woman to set his demons free. And boy, did those demons hurt. They got in the way and they held his happiness over his head and mocked his scars.

Those demons took as much as they ruined.

But love was stronger.

It was greater.

Love was… solid.

I can’t wait to share this love story with everyone!

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