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My mom cared about three things. And neither one of them were me. 

It’s the way things were in my life. I didn’t blame her most of the time. I didn’t like myself much either. I could blame my mindset on my teenage hormones, but I was almost eighteen and being a teenager was no longer an excuse.

With my lawful age, also came legal consequences. Mom didn’t have to legally care about me anymore, and her boyfriend didn’t have to hold himself back. Their abuse became too much. Even for me.

Crushing on my gym teacher started off harmless. I couldn’t help myself. He was the only thing that didn’t hurt in my life. But mistakes were made. Desires were unquenchable. Pain became too much. And all I wanted was him.

Loving him was against the rules, but I never cared much for rules… not the way I cared about him.

Mr. Raredin

I wasn’t supposed to be in Sage Willow. 

I was supposed to be an athlete, married, and undamaged. Instead, I was a gym teacher at Sage Willow High School, divorced, with a tear in my mcl. My injury ruined my career, my marriage, and my life. 

I expected depression. I anticipated failure. I even wanted the nothing eventually.

What I didn’t expect was Lace Ryan.

Falling in love with my student was never my intention. I never saw her coming. But once I did, I’d do anything to save her from her life.

Including sacrificing my own.

Mr. Raredin is a passionate, intense, and touching student-teacher romance. There are exceptions to almost every rule, and this love story is proof that just because it’s off-limits doesn’t mean it isn’t worth fighting for. 

Mr. Raredin releases May 4th!

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