My Sweet Demise is here! + Giveaway

My Sweet Demise is my first published novel. For most of my writing career I was in a bubble. I wrote alone, and I understood what my writing meant to me, but I never really had any outside opinions or advice. I’m sure if I reached out I could have had it like I do presently, since the book  world is filled with so many wonderful and supporting people who love books as much as I do.

Writing isn’t a hobby for me. Reading either.
They’re my world.
Both have saved me, kept me sane, and to this day they protect me.
So naturally I was incredibly nervous about my release. I was sickeningly, can’t eat, can’t sleep, nervous.

What if no one … likes it?
This sole thought has plagued me.

And then I got my first review. Not only was it 5 stars, but it was lovely. It was the kind of review that makes all of the hard work worth it. It made me smile, it made me take a deep breath, and it made me think: I can do this. If you want to read this amazing review go check out Pop Kitty Book Reviews. It’s everything I wanted.

Also, check out these other amazing Reviews.
Kitty Kats Crazy About Books
Lina’s Reviews A Book Blog
(These are just a few. I didn’t leave anyone out intentionally. If I missed you email me a link to your review. Not only would I love to read it I’ll show it off around town.)

Will all my reviews be 5/4 stars? That’s impossible.
Will everyone love My Sweet Demise? Again, that’s impossible.
But I can hope. I can dream that my love for Kent and Raina will seep into others and the entire Demise cast. And as long as I write from my heart and do my best to give my readers the best stories I can, then I’m happy.

Anyway, enough rambling!
(I could be here all day.)




Enter to win click on link:
10 eCopies of My Sweet Demise
one signed paperback copy (US only)
and a $5 Amazon gift card


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