New-Adult Halloween Giveaway!

Halloween Giveaway!

Halloween Giveaway

I want to get into the Halloween spirit by hosting a giveaway. So in celebration of Halloween and the entire New-Adult genre I wanted to host a giveaway. I adore reading and writing New-Adult romance novels and love being a part of this amazing phenomenal world. Everyone gets two free entries providing they can provide an email address registered to their Amazon reading device. IE, Kindle, Kindle or PC app, ect…

Since I don’t know how it works for other countries this is just for US.

Two winners will be chosen to win a New-Adult Romance novel of their choosing from Amazon. The book must be under $3.99.

BEFORE YOU ENTER you must supply a valid email that is registered to your Kindle-Amazon account AND an email address I can contact you at in case you win to verify your information and check which book you want.


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