My First Post

I’ve been waiting to write my first post following inspiration.

And waiting …

And waiting …

It isn’t happening, so I’m just going to inspire myself.

My name is Shana Vanterpool, and I write these odd magical romantic adventures called books. Well, at least I like to think mine are magical and romantic adventures. They could be neither, or some strange combination I refuse to consider. Anyway, I write them. I’ll let my readers decide where I fall when the time comes. *hides*

My first novel, Destroy Me, a contemporary New Adult romance will be published by Swoon Romance, an imprint of Georgia McBride Media Group in 2016. It’s special to me, all of my novels are of course, but it’s the first book anyone took a chance on. Knowing there are people out there who love and appreciate books the way I do and are willing to give me a chance means a lot to me. I write because I can’t not do it. It’s why you breathe, why you sleep – I have to write. Breathing and sleeping come later most nights, it’s probably why I suffer from a mild case of insanity. (Don’t worry, it’s nonthreatening.) Anyway, books mean a lot to me. They were my escape for as long as I can remember. I just want to give that to others.

My current literary obsession is contemporary romance. New Adult, Adult, Young-Adult – I love to write it. I adore writing paranormal romance as well, but I’m not in that mode right now. That could change. It doesn’t take much to send me down the rabbit hole … Oh look, a shiny object

You still there?

My forced inspiration is running out so I’d better hurry up before I start writing about politics. We all know how much fun that is … Anyway, this is my first post. I’ll probably look back on it and cringe, and cringe, and cringe, but I’ll probably do that about a lot of things. *Cringes*

I can’t say much about Destroy Me or my other novels as of right now, but I intend to talk your ears off about them when I can. Enjoy the break and stay tuned for cover reveals, excerpts, giveaways, and barely contained excitement that isn’t really contained at all. Following me on Twitter helps. I appreciate the challenge of 140 characters.

Follow here —> @SHANAVAUTHOR

Peace out šŸ˜‰
(Is that still cool?)

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