Cover Reveal – Mad Love

It’s cover reveal day for Mad Love. I’m so excited about this novel. Klay and Madi took me by the heart and ripped me apart at the same time they gave me so much life! It’s full of tattoos, pain, and redemption!


Mad Love eBook Cover
Mad Love both

She was a disruption he never wanted.

He was everything she distrusted.

Klayton Caldwell owns a tattoo shop in Denver, Colorado, and has seen just about everything and met just about every kind of person. And they all have one thing in common. Ink.

He isn’t complicated. What you see is what you get. Sex? Always. Relationships? Never. Pleasantries? He doesn’t do that either. Those who can’t handle his mouth get inked elsewhere. Klayton holds everyone at a distance, even his friends. He doesn’t do “close.”

Until Madison ends up in his tattoo parlor, broken, afraid and alone. There’s something about her, and almost immediately, Klayton’s guard drops. Now, everything he knows about himself changes as his life begins to unravel.

Twenty-year-old Madison Hart’s future was taken from her the moment she was abducted from her college campus and held captive by a sicko. After escaping, she flees, running into a stranger. A stranger who shares a similar past. Someone who might be able to help her heal. If she’ll let him.

Madi comes into Klayton’s life like a storm. She’s beautiful. Pitiful. Dangerous. Her pain runs deep enough that she may never be able to talk about what she’s experienced. Her refusal to talk takes a level of patience Klayton’s not sure he has.

He must navigate her broken pieces by changing everything he is. Who he’s been all these years won’t work anymore. But Madi fights him, she fights herself. She fights the madness.

She refuses to talk. He can’t control his mouth. She doesn’t want to be touched. He can’t help himself. They don’t want love. Inside this storm, is a love so mad it might destroy them both.



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A Beautiful Nightmare Cover RE-Reveal!

A Beautiful Nightmare got a face lift. I liked the first cover, but after finishing the novel I felt that it needed a bit more. The cover is actually a warning, but you won’t know it until it’s too late. That’s how this novel is. It messes with you psychologically and turns you on while it breaks your heart. I think this new cover adds a little more to the story and I hope you like it too.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to Give Me Books for hosting, all of the blogs, IG babes, author loves, and anyone else who participated in  A Beautiful Nightmare’s cover re-reveal.

* drum roll please *


AHH! Isn’t she lovely?

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.curved-arrow-clip-art-cliparts-co-fr0fjx-clipart




In chess, the king is the most important piece. But the queen is the most powerful. Sometimes to win, she is sacrificed.

Lies melt, and this queen has plenty. She should have seen him coming, she should have known. He took her long before these walls let her know. He won’t let her go. Won’t listen to reason. For a love that doesn’t exist, or has her heart committed treason? Lust won’t be ignored, doesn’t care for these wall of lies. And for every one she’s ever told, she’s always had another in mind. But he is truth—he is king. And the longer he is all she sees … and tastes … she can’t help but think, some nightmares are beautiful, and some are dreams.

In this dark and thrilling romance, the lines of lust and truth are blurred. Life seemingly ends the moment 27-year-old Kinley Hashawaye awakes to find herself inside of a nightmare. Fear and lies are covered in gold and darkness, and her heart won’t let her be when the truth comes back to haunt her. But perception is everything in this kingdom, and danger exists even in our dreams.

And this king will stop at nothing to have his queen.

A Beautiful Nightmare is a full-length contemporary dark/suspense romance with no cliffhanger. It is intended for readers 18+ due to mature situations.

My Sweet Demise Cover Reveal


The cover for My Sweet Demise, my new-adult contemporary romance novel being published by Limitless Publishing on January 5th 2016, is ready to be revealed!

Are you ready?

Author: Shana Vanterpool
Series: Demise Series #1 (Stand-Alone series)
Genre: New-Adult Contemporary Romance
Rated: 17+ For sexual situations
Release Date: January 5th 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Cover Design: TOJ Publishing Services

Thanks to Xpresso Book Tours!


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 MY SWEET DEMISE 2 - Cover Reveal Copy (4).jpg

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Desperation makes a girl do crazy things…

When twenty-one year old Raina O’Connor is kicked out of her room on short notice, she’s thrown into a frantic search for a new place to stay. As the situation becomes more urgent, her choices have dwindled to her least favorite option—ladies’ man, Kent Nicholson.

Kent Nicholson loves women, just not as a roommate…

When a gorgeous blonde with big hazel eyes answers Kent’s ad for a roommate, his red flags start flying. He’s looking for a wingman, not a chick who will put a damper on his game or drench his apartment in pink. It’s clear she’s in a bind, and something about her makes him break his own rules. But when he reluctantly accepts, it’s with four concrete conditions.

Be his wingman. Don’t get in his way with other girls. No bitchy attitudes. And most importantly, she can’t fall for him.

Pretty sure this was the world’s worst idea—ever…

Trust is something earned. Raina learned that the hard way when her father broke her heart as a child, making it easy to steer clear of relationships. But living with Kent somehow stirs emotions Raina has always forbidden herself to have. Plus, he’s everything she never wanted—untrustworthy, pigheaded…and gorgeous. Something tells her Kent isn’t free of his own secret scars…

Love can drag you down and spit you out, and be worth every second.


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Isn’t it beautiful?

*sighs adoringly*

It’s everything I ever wanted for Kent and Raina.

So consuming and sexy!

What do you guys think? Please comment and let me know!

Next is review copies. I’ll keep everyone posted about ARC’s.