Editing Services


CLOSED until June

I’m interested in most fiction & romance. This includes: young-adult of all sub-genres, adult & erotic, new-adult, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, dark, medical, and contemporary. No middle-grade or children’s fiction.  Main characters must be 14 and older.

I’m meticulous and detailed. I edit in Track Changes in Microsoft Word, and will be accepting payments through PayPal only.

I use Chicago Manual of Style.

Each gig will consist of two rounds: (additional costs for each subsequent round)

-I will check for spelling and grammar errors
-Line, content, and copy editing included
-Inconsistencies and repetition
-Polishing and supplying constructive feedback
-I will respect your voice and do my best to make it shine


-No partials. Your manuscript must be completed.
-Please check tense and set up before submitting. Spending hours on correcting tense and misplaced comma’s can be draining and take away from the overall project. If tense needs reworking, I’ll ask you to take another look before resubmitting.
-Projects must be in Microsoft Word .docx only.
-I edit in Track Changes in Microsoft Word. 

Prices and Payments:

-Prices in US currency
-Cost is $0.003 per word
*Example: If your novel is 100,000 words, the price will be $300 USD dollars.

I require half up front, and the other half when the manuscript is delivered after the second round, through PayPal only. If you’re interested, please email me: shanavanterpool@gmail.com with the following informationCLOSED until June

Name: (and pen name if applicable)
Book title: 


Exact word count:
PayPal billing email:
A few lines about your novel:
(Example: A steamy contemporary roommates to lovers romance)
Release date of your novel: (if none, then when is the latest you need it)
Any special things you’d like me to know:

-I book as I go, and will let you know how much time there is between your novel and the novel preceding it. Thank you so much for considering me, and I look forward to working with you. CLOSED until June

Email: shanavanterpool@gmail.com