Editing Services


I’m interested in most fiction & romance. This includes: young-adult of all sub-genres, adult & erotic, new-adult, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, dark, medical, and contemporary. No middle-grade or children’s fiction.  Main characters must be 14 and older.

I’m meticulous and detailed. I’d like to work with those who don’t mind the same. I edit in Track Changes, Microsoft Word, and will be accepting payments through PayPal only.

I use Chicago Manual of Style.

Each gig will consist of two rounds: (additional costs for each subsequent round)

-I will check for spelling and grammar errors
-Line editing and content editing included
-Inconsistencies and repetition
-Polishing and supplying constructive feedback
-I respect your voice and do my best to make it shine


-No partials. Your manuscript must be completed.
-Please check tense and set up before submitting. Spending hours on correcting tense and misplaced comma’s can be draining and take away from the overall project.
-Projects must be in Microsoft Word .docx only.
-I edit in Track Changes in Microsoft Word. 

Prices and Payments:

-Prices in US currency
-Cost is $0.003 per word
*Example: If your novel is 100,000 words, the price will be $300 USD dollars.

I require half up front, and the other half when the manuscript is delivered after the second round, through PayPal only. If you’re interested, please email me: shanavanterpool@gmail.com with the following information:

Name: (pen name also if you have one)
Book title: 

PayPal email:
(if applicable)
What tense is your novel in:

Exact word count:
A few lines about your novel:
(Example: A steamy contemporary roommates to lovers romance)
Release date of your novel: (if none then when is the latest you need it)
Any special things you’d like me to know:

-I book as I go, and will let you know how much time there is between your novel and the novel preceding it. Thank you so much for considering me, and I look forward to working with you.

Email: shanavanterpool@gmail.com