New Cover and 99cent sale for The Jock and the Dreamer!

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The Jock and the Dreamer’s ebook cover got a makeover! To celebrate, the ebook is on sale for only 99cents! Amazon: 

x2_ebook_FINAL jock dreamer

What if you knew you were destined to be with someone, and they refused to believe?

Esmaie is your typical college student. Stressed, swamped, and completely and utterly terrified of the future. Her dreams aren’t coming true, and feeling empty is becoming the norm. When she meets her new roommate, Wade, she can’t help but feel something for him. She doesn’t argue with her heart.

Wade, on the other hand, does. He doesn’t believe in fate the way Esmaie does, and won’t let himself feel the same way. Not again. He doesn’t do love, not after losing everything. He’s focused on keeping his position on the soccer team, his classes, and forgetting…

He’s just a jock.
She’s just a dreamer.
They can only be friends, when all she wants is to be forever.

Wade’s heart is too broken to love again, and he might just break Esmaie’s heart once and for all.




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