BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT and writing update!

BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT and writing update!

Crash into Us

Title: Crash into Us
Release date: December 18th
Cover Reveal: December 11th
Genre: Second chance/contemporary romance
Stand-alone, full-length. BLURB COMING SOON!
Add on Goodreads today:

I know I have sequels that my incredible readers are waiting on, and I am working on them, I promise, but this story came to me during a hard streak of mental illness and self-doubt, and I had to share it with you all. It was fun to write, even when it was painful, and I can’t wait to share this couple with you. And don’t worry, the story isn’t heavy with anything other than angst, a heavy dose of true love, and a huge second chance.

On another note, Hard Love’s first draft is finished. Now it’s editing time. There’s no release date or cover for Hard Love yet. I’m a third of the ways into Above The Stars, and I’m starting Dark Submissive very soon. When I wrote Dark Master in March earlier this year, I didn’t know how much the Guns & Ink series would consume and take me over, but I’m really hoping my readers are willing to put up with the wait. I promise Jaxon and Miya are going to turn us all into a rose with sharp thorns dripping lust and darkness!

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