Sign up for a KINDLE ARC of A Beautiful Nightmare

Since A Beautiful Nightmare is a novel unlike my others, I wanted to open up for KINDLE ARC’s with a blank slate for it. A Beautiful Nightmare Front Cover
Things you need to remember when signing up:
1. It’s an Adult novel. It is its title in every way.
2. It’s dark and sexy, and thrilling and terrifying.
3. This is a psychological thriller/erotic romantic suspense novel.
4. It will mess with your mind, heart, panties, and emotions.
5. Perception is everything. REMEMBER THAT!
6. Love is still love, even if it isn’t pretty.
7. The steam level is extremely high. HIGH. When Kinley and Dash get going, there is no stopping them.
8. Please let Dash and Kinley become human. Please.
Blogs, book reviewers, Facebook book blogs, anyone who’s reviewed my other novels and want to take a chance on A Beautiful Nightmare, and anyone else. I’m very excited, and can’t wait to share ABN with you!! ❤

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