Midnight Authors Cafe

Welcome to the Midnight Author Cafe Facebook Group for romance lovers!
We have every flavor of romance from sweet vanilla to dark chocolate. This is an 18+ ONLY zone!
The Midnight Authors are a group of ladies that write all forms of romance. From contemporary to the darker genres. There is constant book news, giveaways, chats, and book loving talk! Join to keep up to date on releases and prizes!

Ask to join our group on Facebook:
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Some authors include, but not limited to:

Roxy Sinclaire: Check out her novel on Amazon

Ace Gray: Check out her novel Strictly business on Amazon

Amy Olle: Check out her novel, Beautiful Ruin, on: Amazon  and on Goodreads

Brie Paisley Check her out on Goodreads 

Dani René Check her out on Goodreads

Emily Krat Check her out on Goodreads

Jade Eby: Check her out on Goodreads

Karen Ferry: Add her book, Fool For Love, on Goodreads

KL Kreig: Check her out on Goodreads

NK Love: Check her out on Goodreads

Shana Vanterpool: Check her books out on Amazon

Sharlay: Add her novel, Remember Me, on Goodreads

Ask to join The Midnight Authors Cafe Facebook Group:
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